About Us

Furious Fur is a Toronto-based faux fur brand launched in 2017 by mother-daughter duo Philippa and Samantha Madigan.

They had closets full of vintage fur coats they adored but felt a more ethical option existed. With dozens of faux fur options on the market, none of them had the luxurious quality and glamourous design of their real furs. From there, they set out to recreate their beloved furs without any animal cruelty.

Their designs are a combination of classic vintage styles with a modern edge. A Furious Fur piece is made from the highest quality faux fur fabric available, knit from the world’s finest microfibre yarns and features custom linings and elegant embossed buttons. The resulting product truly defines “Modern Vintage”.

Furious Fur believes in making a difference through ethical, socially conscious choices. Donations are made annually to PETA and other animal rights organizations worldwide. Click here to read more about why we call ourselves “The Ethical Choice”.