The Ethical Choice

We believe the luxury and glamour we desire does not need to come at the cost of animal cruelty. Fur is deeply imbedded in the history of fashion, and vintage furs are a major source inspiration for our designs. However, we believe we can create a new narrative for the future of fashion. One that still celebrates the glorious designs of the past, while acknowledging the future of socially conscious, ethical fashion. 

Furious Fur is a proud member of the PETA Business Friends, an innovate partnership comprised of compassionate companies willing to assist in PETA’s ground-breaking work to stop animal abuse and suffering. In addition, we proudly donate $1.00 to PETA on behalf of every customer that posts a photo with a piece from our latest collection on social media. Every person who shares their love of Furious Fur is thus making a difference and spreading the word that the future of fashion can be cruelty-free.




Our mission to create beautiful fur alternatives comes with challenges. We understand that faux fur is not entirely biodegradable, and we are combating this in a few ways.

While we have not yet found a sustainable fibre that gives us the luxurious hand-feel we crave, we are constantly searching for ways to reduce our impact on the planet. We’ve invested in new biodegradable shipping pouches and, on the manufacturing level, try to repurpose excess fabric into new accessories.

A Furious Fur product is designed to last a lifetime, just as our grandmothers’ furs look just as beautiful today as they did decades ago. “Fast fashion” may be the norm today, but we think the wisdom of past generations has something to offer. We encourage all our customers to care for their items, and always donate rather than throwing away.